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Cleaning Pearls

 Natural Pearl Nugget in One of a kind Setting
Caring and Cleaning For Pearls

Protecting your pearls by caring for them properly will help to preserve their life span. The actual care and cleaning process is very simple and can be done in only a few short minutes. It doesn't matter if the pearl is a mabe, biwa or pearl beads the care is pretty much the same.

Pearls are produced by living organisms, therefore they contain calcareous crystals which are very sensitive to chemicals and acids. The content of protein and water in Pearls can subject them to drying out and cracking if not Properly taken care of. It is advisable that pearls be dampened periodically in lightly salted water. Pearls, because of the natural creation process, are not as durable as other precious stones. It is recommended that they are stored apart from other jewelry to prevent scratching their delicate surface. In addition, pearls should not be exposed to substances such as dish washing liquid or acidic products like vinegar, lemon juice, hair spray or perfume.



After wearing your favorite mabe pearl or freshwater pearls simply wipe them off with a soft cloth or chamois, the cloth can be damp or dry. This will help prevent dirt from building up, as well as stop the accumulation of perspiration, which is slightly acidic and can cause deterioration of the pearl nacre. If wearing a pearl ring or pearl bracelet the manner in which it is removed can, in addition to cleaning, preserve its beauty. Always remove the ring by grasping it from the shank rather than by the pearl itself. This will help the pearl from coming into contact with the oils on your skin or from becoming loose. For pearls that have not been cleaned for an extended period of time, or have become very dirty, the best remedy is to take them to your local jeweler for a thorough cleaning.

If you would rather take care of the cleaning yourself, it is a very simple process. Start by gently washing the pearls in water using a very mild dish soap such as Ivory or Lux. Ensure the dish soap is extremely mild as some commercial dish soaps, such as Dawn, can actually cause damage to the pearls because of their high level of acidity. While washing the pearls, pay close attention to the areas around the drill holes where dirt tends to collect. Once the washing process is complete, simply lay them flat in a moist kitchen towel to dry. Once the towel is dry the pearls are ready to be worn or put away.

These few simple caring steps can make a tremendous difference to the life of your pearls and will allow you to pass them down from generation to generation.

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