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Smoky Quartz

25ct. Round Smokey Quartz Pendant 
By Preston Reuther

Quartz is THE MOST COMMON mineral on earth. It is often identified by its six-sided, prism shape and hardness value. It is a component of nearly every type of rock. It’s found all over the globe, in every country. The best quality crystals come from Brazil, Africa and even Arkansas. The quality agate varieties come from Brazil, locations around Lake Superior and in Mexico, Germany and Montana. Gold is often found in quartz veins as well.

The name, quartz, comes from the Greek word, krustallos, which means ice. It’s often referred to as "the ice of the Gods." The word, quartz, is also believed to have come from a Middle Ages German miner’s language but the original meaning is not known. In addition, it’s been argued that the name, quartz, comes from a Saxon word meaning "cross vein ore". Wherever this word originated, one thing’s clear, everyone seems to believe THEY were responsible for it.

Quartz is the chameleon of gemstones, often standing in for more expensive gemstones from diamonds to jade but is now starting to be appreciated for its own attributes. Quartz comes in many different varieties including Amethyst, Citrine, Rock Crystal and others. The most common color is clear but the colors ranges from clear to milky white to pink, purple, gray, brown and even black. Cryptocrystalline varieties are sometimes multicolored. Varieties are divided more by character than by color, however.
Cryptocrystalline varieties have a hardness value of 7 but hardness values vary slightly between varieties.
More common even than being treasured for its beauty, quartz is currently used in the manufacture of abrasives, concrete, cements, porcelain, paints and even glass. Because of its piezoelectric properties, it’s used to control transmission and reception on fixed radio frequencies and to help watches and clocks keep precise time.
Quartz is the Gemstone of Georgia and the State Mineral of Arkansas. It is an alternative birthstone for the months of March and April, birthstone for the astrological sign of Pisces and the "planetary stone" for the astrological sign of Leo.

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